Floor 13

What is Floor 13: Deep State?

In a free society, people make their own decisions, challenge authority, and speak truth to power.

Your job is to put a stop to that.

In Floor 13 : Deep State, you use the power of the state to deal with truth. Fake news, illegal surveillance, extraordinary rendition, or assassination. It doesn't matter how - all you need to do is sign the order.

You are just a civil servant working in an office. You don't do the dirty work yourself. You don't see it being done. You just read about the consequences.

Use the department resources to intercept dangerous plots, by navigating a sometimes quirky bureaucracy. No day will be quite the same, in the dynamically generated document driven dystopia that responds to your actions.

Government information
Floor 13 is coming - ignore false rumours

But you are not living in a dystopia, the outside world is the same as ours. Ok, yeah, I see the problem with that statement.

Are you willing to deal with the banality of evil, for an unstated long term goal?