David Eastman designed and wrote the original as well as this version, with Shahid Ahmad who implemented the graphics engine and wrote a great soundtrack for the original, acting as producer today. 

Erlend Grefsrud wrote the Unity template as well as the initial 3D models, letting David get on with implementing the game.

Sarah Anne Langston provides the artwok and layout design. She is a well known cover artist; see more of Sarah’s award winning artwork at her website

Rudi Kolenc (Bismuth.Workshas created award wining scenes and is giving Floor 13 an amazing atmospheric depth 

Luke Peek (Bismuth.Works) does the moths and technical art and lighting

Len J J Cheung ( the soundtrack.

hackbunny is still doing detailed play testing, and fixing David's spelling.

The lovely OP video was done by BRUTOPOLIS under the art direction of Matthew David Reynolds, with music from Tommy Melville.